Regis Corporation is the beauty industry’s global leader in salons and cosmetology education. Regis operates two distribution centers to supply their company-owned salons and franchisees with retail merchandise and products used during salon services. These same centers also support the continued expansion of their e-commerce channels.‍


Blue Horseshoe’s supply chain analysis identified the need to increase the performance and reliability of sortation equipment within Regis’ warehouse operations.

The problems included:

  • Outdated technology with replacement parts no longer accessible
  • System downtime due to maintenance challenges
  • Sorter location, including after-sort lanes, not in line with dock doors

Regis knew that replacing this material handling equipment would improve fill rates and optimize processes. But they knew that installing new equipment could disrupt their day-to-day operations and impact customer service.


After understanding Regis’s overall business goals, Blue Horseshoe analyzed their entire supply chain operation.

Using a pragmatic approach, Blue Horseshoe created a supply chain roadmap that included warehouse operations, automation, technology, and material handling equipment.‍


Installing new material handling equipment gave Regis a quick return on investment.

These benefits include:

  • 30% increase in overall capacity and throughput
  • 20% reduction in carton routing and recircs due to improved slotting and process flows
  • 99.9% read rate eliminating recirculation and/or misdiverts
  • 10% outbound productivity gain through improved processes
  • Elimination of extended downtime from mechanical failures and extensive maintenance.

We gave Regis the data they needed to understand where they could make improvements. This strategy outlined how the investment would generate operational efficiency and align with their overall business goals. From there, we created a tactical plan that prioritized where they could see the greatest return on investment. - Jeff Cook, VP at Blue Horseshoe Solutions

Warehouse Automation Know-How

Creating a supply chain that supports growth and streamlines operations is a core component of Regis’s ongoing initiatives. Working with partner Blue Horseshoe, Regis is creating a supply chain strategy that balances growth, adapts to changing market demands, and generates operational efficiencies.

Blue Horseshoe partnered with ETi, a material handling integrator, to install a new high-speed shoe sorter that would:

  • Increase overall throughput
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Improve system reliability
  • Increase induction routing efficiencies

Together, Blue Horseshoe and ETi created a solution that combined new equipment, improved process flows, and increased capacity and reliability.  The project plan included:

  • Detailed project budget including capital expenditures and transition costs
  • Implementation plan with minimal downtime and cutover contingencies
  • New system concept for improved placement of the shipping sorter
  • Allowed for future expansion capabilities when needed

Blue Horseshoe and ETi implemented new sorting equipment and associated process flows in six months. Hardware and software enhancements were complete in less than two weeks. Throughout the entire project, Regis’s warehouse remained fully operational.




Retail & Cosmetics Services

Business Needs

Facility Redesign


10,000 Salons and 89 Beauty Schools


Minneapolis, MN

Tony Donaldson
AVP, Logistics, Regis Corporation

"The Blue Horseshoe/ETi team took a deep dive into understanding our requirements and proposed a great solution to our executive team. Once the project started, they worked closely with the team to implement and transition."

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